What is an authorisation?

An authorisation is used to place a hold on the cardholders’ funds to the value of the transaction to be processed at a later time. This is also referred to as a Pre authorisation or Pre auth transaction. You will have to manually settle an authorisation after the initial transaction. The funds are held until either you settle the transaction, the hold is released via request from the customer, or automatic expiration.

Please note, the hold on the funds can be released any time between 1 and 30 days. We recommended you settle or release the authorisation within 7 days.

Steps to process an authorisation

  1. Sign in to NAB Gateway.
  2. From the left navigation panel select Virtual Terminal.
  3. Select One-Time Payment.
  4. From ‘Transaction type’, select Authorisation.
  5. Enter in the same details as you would take an ordinary sale.

Steps to settle an authorisation

  1. Sign in to NAB Gateway.
  2. From the left navigation panel, select Transaction Management.
  3. Select Transactions by phase.
    In this screen, you can now find the authorisations you wish to settle. Under the Search field, you can choose from the following fields:
    • Phase
      • Settlements Pending Batch
      • Authorisations Ready to Settle
      • Exception Search
      • Authorisations Needing Review
    • Date
      Transactions within your chosen search parameters will appear under ‘Search Results’.
  4. Tick the check boxes on the left hand side of the transactions you wish to settle, then select the red Settle button on the top of the search results.
    Alternatively, you can also reverse transactions using these exact steps as well. Instead of pressing Settle, click Auth Reversal.
  5. A confirmation screen will appear, and you will have to select either Confirm or Cancel.
  6. Once completed, you will have the option to go to the ‘Transaction Details’ page.
  7. Select one or more transactions and select the Settle button to settle transactions.

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