Standard merchant service fee

This is a percentage charged of your domestic transactions. 

Premium merchant service fee

This is a percentage charged of transactions made from the following cards: International, corporate, commercial, CUP and platinum cards.

Debit Card purchase fee 

This is a fixed fee ($) charged on a number of debit cards processed.

Debit Card cash out fee

This is a fixed fee ($) charged on the number of cash-out transactions processed.

Terminal fee

This is the terminal rental fee which includes GST.

NAB stationery

This is stationery like paper rolls, display stands. which can be found in our NAB Stationery Brochure. All our prices include GST and postage costs.

Replacement fee

You'll need to pay a fee if your terminal is lost, stolen or damaged.

Imprinter fee

We call the manual machine an imprinter. You'll need to pay a monthly fee if you have one.

Voice authorisation credit card fee

You'll be charged a fee if you call us and speak to an operator to ask for a credit card authorisation.

Chargeback fee

If a customer disputes a transaction on their Visa or MasterCard account you'll be charged a fee.

Annual fee

Every year on the month you started your merchant service, you may be charged an annual fee.

Access fee

This is a monthly fee for using our online merchant facilities.

Important information

Depending on your pricing plan, some of the fees and charges may be applicable to you. All fees and charges include GST, unless stated otherwise.