Performing a basic terminal preauthorisation

  1. Press Menu key on the home screen, and press 1 for Transactions, then press 5 for Pre-Auth.
  2. Press 2 to select Completion.
  3. Enter your pre-authorisation completion amount and press Enter.
  4. Enter the 6 digit approval code found on the merchant receipt and press Enter
  5. Press Enter to confirm the pre-authorisation transaction retrieved by the terminal. If the pre-authorisation transaction is not found on the terminal, the customer’s credit card will be required. Proceed to next step 5a. Otherwise, proceed to Step 6.
    • Ask customer to tap, insert or swipe their card.
    • Enter the RRN from the pre-authorisation merchant receipt and press Enter.
    • Enter the pre-authorisation amount balance as printed on the pre-auth receipt and press Enter. Some terminals may skip this step based on merchant MCC classification.
    • Enter the pre-authorisation date (DD/MM) and press Enter. Some terminals will skip to Step 7 after this step.
  6. Press Enter to confirm the completion transaction. The merchant receipt will print automatically.
  7. An Approved acknowledgement displays once the completion has been processed successfully and the merchant receipt will print automatically.
  8. Press Yes to print the customer receipt if required.

Performing a pre-authorisation completion on your EFTPOS terminal Verifone

You'll be able to look up the original pre-authorisation record, confirm your transaction value and process pre-authorisation payment. You can do this up to seven days from when you processed your pre-authorisation. 

  1. Press the Menu button on the home screen.
  2. Select 4 completion, then Select.
  3. Ask your customer to swipe or insert their card.
  4. Enter the six digit authorisation number (auth#), this could also be alphanumeric, found on the merchant receipt then press OK.
  5. Enter the last seven digits of the RRN, found on the receipt, and press OK.
  6. If you can't find the pre-authorisation on your terminal, you'll be asked for the authorisation date. You can find the date on your receipt - enter DDMM format and press OK.
  7. Enter the completion sale amount and press OK.
  8. Ask the customer to sign the receipt. Verify their signature and then press Yes.
  9. Remove the card from your terminal.
  10. Press Yes if the customer would like their receipt printed.

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