Features and benefits of using Slyp

Smart Receipts are an interactive, digital receipt sent instantly from your point-of-sale to your customer’s banking app. 

Features and benefits of using Slyp

With Slyp, you can send interactive smart receipts to your customers via the NAB app. Slyp can be seamlessly activated through your existing point-of-sale (POS) system.

Slyp also helps you reduce your operating costs and environmental impact by cutting down on paper receipts.

Slyp Smart Receipts are available at participating Mitre10 stores. See a list of locations, opens in new window.

The ‘Mitre 10’ logo is a registered trademark of Mitre 10 Australia Pty. Ltd.

Convenience for your customers

  • Quick and easy access to receipts.

  • Legal tax receipts for your business customers.

  • Easy to find returns barcodes. 

  • Easily customise receipts to include warranty information, merchant social media links, opening hours and contact information.

Easy for you to set up and use

  • No complex integrations.

  • Minimal staff training.

  • Link to your key digital programs, offers and assets.

  • Consistent tone and delivery of your brand.

  • Complements your digital marketing.

  • Low cost product.

How to activate Slyp Smart Receipts

If you have an integrated terminal and eligible POS system, opens in new window, you can easily and quickly activate Slyp Smart Receipts with the help of the Slyp team. You don’t need any complex integrations or additional hardware.

Most POS systems are already integrated with Slyp Smart Receipts. Speak to the Slyp customer service team to find out more.

Get started with Slyp Smart Receipts

Contact the Slyp team to activate Smart Receipts for your business.

Important information

NAB uses digital features by Slyp Pty Ltd in its delivery of NAB Digital Receipts. T&C’s available at nab.com.au/smartreceipts