Why use BPAY?

Ensure dishonoured payments are a thing of the past with BPAY: a secure and convenient payment system.

BPAY lets customers transfer funds from their accounts into yours. It gives your customers peace of mind knowing that they’re paying using a secure channel and eliminates dishonoured payments for you.

How it works

  1. We’ll issue you with a BPAY biller code (this may take a couple of weeks).
  2. You update your invoices (paper and electronic) to include the BPAY logo, your BPAY Biller Code and unique Customer Reference Number (CRN) so that your customers know this payment method is available to them.
  3. Your customers use BPAY to pay your invoice via their own financial institutions either online or via a telephone banking system. Payments can come from their cheque, savings or credit card (where offered) accounts.
  4. Each customer’s financial institution debits their account in real time to ensure they have sufficient funds, eliminating dishonoured payments.
  5. BPAY performs the interchange processing and provides us with daily value and electronic payments information, which we’ll give to you.
  6. We’ll credit your account based on the day’s receipts and provide you with electronic payment details via NAB Connect.

eCommerce solutions you may be interested in

NAB eCommerce Merchant Account

Combine your gateway provider with a NAB eCommerce Merchant Account, so your transactions are submitted to us for quick authorisation and settlement.


  • Overnight settlement to a NAB Business Transaction Account

  • Easy set up – just provide your merchant account details to your gateway provider

  • Use with any NAB accredited third-party gateway

NAB Transact

Secure and convenient card payments when your customers aren't present with you – includes online, phone, mail orders and payments. You can also view all your payments in one place.


  • Get your money quickly
  • Secure hosting
  • Multiple currencies

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Important information

BPAY is a registered trademark of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.