What is the National Broadbank Network (NBN)?

The NBN is an upgrade to Australia’s existing telecommunications network. It will replace existing landline phone and ADSL internet services.

When will the NBN network be installed in my area?

The NBN Co website has all the information you need about the rollout of the NBN, including installation progress and details of the changes to phone and internet services.

How will the NBN benefit me?

The aim of the NBN is to give access to fast, reliable, affordable and cost-effective internet and phone services to all Australians.

Will the NBN affect my NAB EFTPOS terminal?

We’ve tested our NAB EFTPOS terminals with a range of phone and internet services on the NBN and can tell you which services have been successfully tested to work with your device.

The table below shows you which of our NAB EFTPOS terminals are compatible with NBN, and which phone services we have successfully tested with.

NBN Network Connection Phone Company Product VeriFone VX680 VeriFone VX820 Ingenico Move5000
FTTP** Optus Business
  Telstra UNI-D
  Telstra UNI-D - T Voice
  Telstra UNI-V - T Voice  
  Internode UNI-V    
  Optus Business
  Optus Consumer
FTTB/N** Optus Res    
  Telstra Res    

What do I need to do before my area is cutover to NBN?

I don’t have any of these services connected

We recommend you contact your phone company and ask which internet or phone services will support your NAB EFTPOS terminal using the NBN.

I do have one of these services connected

Once the NBN equipment is installed at your premises, we recommend you test your NAB EFTPOS terminal to check it’s working correctly.

Are any wiring changes required?

Some wiring changes might be needed at your business premises to connect existing phone wall sockets to the new phone service over the NBN.

Ask your phone service provider if it can arrange this and what the cost would be.

Will my terminal work in a multi-premises building or complex?

The NBN will work with your building owner to connect to the new network. Contact your building owner and ask them to complete the multiple building registration form to make sure the services are connected to your building. They can find information about the multi-building registration process and the form on the NBN Co website.