Why wait to receive your funds? NAB can provide same day settlement* for your merchant facilities, even on weekends.

Run your business more efficiently by accessing your card sales as soon as possible. Your cash flow will be optimised with same day access to settled funds seven days a week.

Don’t miss out on payments for late night sales

Not all businesses operate 9 to 5, so it's good to know you'll be able to access the funds from night time sales when you need them. Just settle by 9.30pm and you’ll see your sales on your statement by 11.30pm the same day (AEST/AEDT).

An enhanced view of your business

With same-day merchant settlement, you can see your receipts and cash position more easily*. You can transfer your funds to another account, pay your bills, staff and suppliers, and get a more accurate view of your cash position any day of the year.

Start benefiting today

If you already settle your transactions into a NAB account, you’re probably already seeing same day settlement.

If you don’t currently settle into a NAB account, we can help you set one up in no time at all.

More information

* The majority of NAB customers are eligible to receive everyday merchant settlement. The following merchants are excluded: BPAY merchant facilities, airline files (processed through Bank Settlement Plan ‘BSP’), multicurrency merchant facilities, foreign currency transactions processed via dynamic currency conversion (DCC) and merchants who settle to a non-NAB account.

* Funds will appear on your electronic bank statement via NAB Connect or NAB Internet Banking (excluding National Online) from approx 11.30pm AEST every day of the week when settled prior to 9pm AEST.

* 'Same day settlement' refers to the timing of us making funds visible and available to you. Interest accrual has not changed, and will still be calculated from when the money is posted into your account, not from when it is made visible.

This article was originally published in Talking Shop Winter 2012.

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