Information you need to give payers

There’s some important details you need to provide to payers, including how to make their deposit payment through PayTo®, the eligibility criteria and NAB’s Privacy Policy.

Payers don't require pre-registration. They’ll be able to receive the PayTo agreement you’ve sent to them through the Receive a Deposit service on the NAB app or NAB Internet Banking. 

Eligibility criteria 

  • Account has sufficient available funds for the deposit amount.

  • Account the deposit will be paid from is PayTo enabled – the payer should refer to their financial institution for confirmation and if any transaction limits apply.

  • For payment, the payer will need to provide either their account name, BSB and account number, or their PayID®. 

  • The payer will need access to their mobile device, tablet or a computer, as they need to authorise the payment on their financial institution banking app or web browser.

The payer’s financial institution may have specific steps they may need to go through to approve a PayTo agreement, such as receiving a SMS confirmation or going through two-factor authentication.

Multiple payers

If more than one person wants to organise their deposit payment, you can simply take each payer through the platform separately.

How will I know the payment has been processed?

Both the sales agent and payer will receive an email confirmation for each payment that the payment is being processed.  

our accounts department will be able to confirm and reconcile, as per usual processes, when the deposit money has been received in the Statutory Trust Account. 

What if the payer wants to pay their deposit using a foreign currency?

Receive a Deposit can only process payments  in Australian Dollars from an eligible account held at a participating Australian financial institution. 

What if the payer wants to pay their deposit from a joint account?

Payers can provide details of a personal account that is held in joint names to pay their deposit. The account will need to be PayTo enabled and held with a participating financial institution. 

Some financial institutions may not allow PayTo payments to be authorised from joint accounts where both account holders are required to authorise the payment. Payers should refer to their financial institution.

I’m seeing an error message during the payment process

If you see any error messages during the Receive a Deposit process, our troubleshooting guide will help you.

From which financial institutions can a sales deposit be collected through Receive a Deposit?

A sales agent will be able to collect a deposit using Receive a Deposit from an eligible account held with a participating financial institution registered for PayTo.

Can I accept deposits in more than one Statutory Trust Account at a time?

As a Sales Agent, you can only collect deposits into one Statutory Trust Account. If you no longer require access to your existing linked Statutory Trust Account, your NAB Connect Admin can update your access in NAB Connect. 

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