Our commitment to customers

We’re committed to doing the right thing and putting our customers first. As part of this commitment, we established the Office of the Customer Advocate (OCA) in 2016.

The OCA focuses on advocacy and insights to deliver fair outcomes for NAB customers that align with community expectations.


Advocacy is about giving our customers a voice across the bank.

Our Customer Advocate’s role is to ensure that customer’s interests are at the centre of the choices we make – particularly when it relates to whether we ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ do something.

Our Customer Advocate and the OCA work collaboratively with NAB colleagues to provide support with complex and sensitive matters, in circumstances when customers may be vulnerable, where a fair outcome may be difficult to identify or where there could be unintended customer consequences.

NAB’s Customer Advocate does not review individual customer matters at the request of individual customers.

Advocacy also means helping us to apply fairness principles and community expectations to NAB’s decisions and actions. To help NAB achieve this, our Customer Advocate is working with us to embed a culture of fairness across the bank, influencing our strategy and operations to be more customer-centric.


Our Customer Advocate and the OCA regularly conduct reviews of:

  • NAB products and services
  • NAB policies, programs and procedures
  • the outcomes these provide to customers.

The insights from this work may include identifying where there have been unintended outcomes for groups of customers due to the actions of NAB. When this occurs, we will investigate and work across NAB to identify what needs to be done to put things right and how to avoid these types of issues happening again.


You may contact us to provide feedback, make a complaint or find out more about the process. 

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