Richard Rauchenberger Executive United States

Executive – United States

Rich Rauchenberger is NAB’s Executive in the United States based in New York. He is directly responsible for all activities under the National Australia Bank brand in the U.S. This primarily involves wholesale banking operations.

Mr. Rauchenberger has been with NAB since 1996 and has a total of 35 years of international banking experience. He has expertise in risk management and services having served in numerous roles including Head of Risk and Chief Operating Officer for the New York branch and the global wholesale bank respectively. During his tenure with NAB, Mr. Rauchenberger has worked in United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

Mr. Rauchenberger served on the board of directors of Great Western Bank and its associated holding companies from 2011 to 2016.

Prior to this, Mr. Rauchenberger worked at Lloyds Bank’s New York Branch for 9 years and National Westminster Bank USA for 2 years. He is a Board of Directors and Executive Committee member of the Institute of International Bankers and the American Australian Association.

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