We help bring complex projects to life

Our teams focus on helping customers with large-scale or complicated projects. We’re experts in finding the right combination of financing and insights to support projects and initiatives that change communities and markets.

Here's what we offer

End-to-end solutions

End-to-end solutions including project finance, asset finance, acquisition and leveraged finance, export credit agency and debt capital markets.

Sector expertise

Sector expertise in infrastructure, clean energy, natural resources and government. Within asset finance our expertise covers all sectors and includes aircraft, vessels, rail and industrial assets.

Specialist teams

Specialist teams in Australia, the US, the UK and New Zealand (via Bank of New Zealand) and a specialist corporate origination and syndication team.

Infrastructure and project finance

Supporting global infrastructure with world-class expertise 

We’re leading the way in global infrastructure. Our team connects issuers to a broad network of global investors that provide a range of funding, and our investors with innovative opportunities that will build and diversify their portfolios.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Outstanding execution from conventional procurement to PPPs, and trade sales to capital structuring initiatives.
  • Support for the infrastructure lifecycle from identifying and planning through to procurement, construction and operations.
  • Global financing solutions including lending, debt capital markets and FX and interest rate management, transaction banking, working capital facilities, and corporate banking.
  • Deep expertise in all infrastructure sectors, including energy and utilities, clean energy, transport and social infrastructure - including wind and solar, water and hospital financing.
  • Specialist originators in all asset classes, including specialised financing, renewables and large ticket leasing.

Creating positive social and environment impact

We’re empowering and strengthening communities with new ideas to renew social assets, including schools, social housing, hospitals and utilities across Australia.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Expertise in privatisations to benefit communities and support government.
  • Public-private partnership leadership we’re one of the leading PPP originators in Australia, having financed numerous schools, hospitals and toll roads across the country.
  • New thinking on innovative financing structures, such as social bonds to fund affordable housing in the UK and developing a new financing model for the Municipal Association of Victoria.

Asset finance

Our market-leading team arranges and funds secured asset financing in key global transport sectors including aircraft, vessels, rail and public transport. We’re active in the domestic natural resources, government, and industrial sectors, covering mine fleet, transport and processing assets.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Specialist teams in Australia, Asia, the UK and the US.
  • Expertise in creating flexible funding arrangements.
  • Help facilitating global transport and logistics through financing aircraft, vessels and rail.
  • Support for local communities through financing air ambulances and helicopters for emergency services.
  • Working with government to finance its air transport and defence needs.

“NAB has arranged over $12 billion in renewable energy project finance globally since 2003  in over 150 deals globally, and we continue to be the number 1 Australian bank provider of project finance to the global renewable energy sector. We are proud of our long-term commitment in helping our clients address climate change.”

Connie Sokaris

Executive, Corporate Finance


  • We’ve committed over $12 billion in renewable energy project finance globally since 2003.

  • Number one for Best Advice on Use of Complex/Structured Finance awarded by Peter Lee 2023.

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