What you’ll need to complete the form

If you have a relationship with a banker or broker, please contact them directly before completing this form.

Customer and representative details

  • Relevant property/security owner(s), property and/or security details.

  • Authorised representatives for this discharge (e.g. your solicitor, broker, bank representative).

  • Borrower details (where applicable).

Discharge details

  • BSB and account number for any shortfall or surplus funds to be paid.

  • BSB and account number of the NAB transaction account we can debit any fees or government charges.

How to complete a mortgage or business security discharge

There are two simple steps to follow before you can discharge your mortgage or security.

  • We need at least 10 business days to process your request. As soon as you know you want to discharge your mortgage with us, complete, sign and email your form to avoid a delay to your proposed settlement date.

1. Read, complete and sign the document

This form can be signed electronically. Alternatively you can print and wet sign the form once you’re finished.

2. Return the form

Return completed and signed form. Email it to discharge.authority@nab.com.au with your Contract of Sale.

Ready to get started?

Allow around 15 minutes to complete the discharge form.


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