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With the "Talk to NAB" app for the Google Assistant, ask us any general banking questions you may have, whether you’ve lost your card, are going overseas, or need help to get online. The Google Assistant works across credit cards, personal loans, travel cards, internet banking, transaction accounts and more through your Google Home or eligible smartphone.

Get started

What you need

You’ll need a Google Home device, or the Google Assistant on your compatible Android smartphone1 or iPhone and a data connection.

Say "Ok Google, talk to NAB"

Make sure Google Assistant is set-up on your device and simply say “Ok Google, talk to NAB”.

Ask us your questions

Start asking general questions you may have and, when you’re finished, just say "bye" or "exit".

What you can ask

"How do I change the pin on my credit card?"

"How do I get a secondary card?"

"I’ve lost my credit card."

"How is interest charged on my credit card?"

"I’ve found my credit card, how do I remove the block on it?"

"Can you help me pick a credit card?"

"I’d like to know about personal loans."

"How do I close my personal loan account?"

"How do I apply for a personal loan?"

"What are the fees for personal loans?"

"Can I get personal loan cover?"

"What is the maximum amount I can borrow on a personal loan?"

"What is the minimum amount I can borrow on a personal loan?"

"How long does it take for a personal loan to be approved?"

"How do I open a bank account?"

"How long does it take a cheque to clear?"

"How long does it take to send money to my account?"

"I’d like a transaction account."

"I don’t recognise a transaction on my account."

"Tell me about Travel cards."

"Where can I get a Traveller card?"

"What are the fees on your Traveller cards? "

"What currencies are available on the travel card?"

"How do I reload my travel card?"

"I’ve lost my travel card."

"How do I change the pin on my travel card?"

"What is the exchange rate on your travel cards?"

"I want to buy 100 pounds"

"I’d like to convert money"

"I’m going to London, how do I buy pounds"

"I want to trade AUD for USD"

"I need to get American dollars"

"I want to purchase some euros"

“What happens when my card expires.”

“When are the bank branches open?”

“How long does it take for my card to arrive?”

“What is needed for ID verification?”

“What is NAB Pay?”

“What is a Paytag?”

"What are my login details?"

"How to I reset my password?"

"How do I unblock my internet banking?"

About the "Talk to NAB" app for Google Assistant

We’re the first Australian bank to launch an app for the Google Assistant. With the "Talk to NAB" app for the Google Assistant, you can now talk to us any time, any place with your general banking questions. And this is only the beginning. We’ll be continually looking to improve and simplify the experience, so we can answer more of your banking questions and perform more tasks.


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Important information

1Google Assistant works on Android smartphones running Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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