We’d like to communicate with you electronically 

What you’ll get electronically

  • You agree we will give you your credit card welcome pack via:   
    • NAB Internet Banking, under ‘Profile & Settings’ then ‘Letters’
    • We will also attempt to send this to you via email or post as per your delivery preference
  • You agree that you will access and review your Welcome Pack in NAB Internet Banking prior to using your credit card
  • You also agree we may give you your ongoing statements for the credit card you’re applying for via NAB Internet Banking 
  • We'll send ongoing notices about all your personal banking products and services with us according to your preferences in NAB Internet Banking.

How you’ll get electronic communications  

  • It’s important that you register for NAB Internet Banking if you haven’t already as we’ll often make information available to you on our website, Internet Banking or the NAB app and let you know by email or SMS when it’s there. We may also send information directly to you by email or SMS.
  • Some services like NAB Rewards are ‘electronic only services' and we’ll always communicate with you about them electronically. We might also need to send some things to you by mail when it isn’t possible to provide them electronically.

If you want to change your preferences

  • Statements: you can change your preferences at any time in NAB Internet Banking within the ‘Statement settings’ section.
  • Notices: you can set or change your preferences within the ‘My details’ section of NAB Internet Banking.

Things to keep in mind

  • Your credit card welcome pack includes your offer details, terms and conditions and other important information about the credit card you’re applying for. 
  • Notices include ongoing communications about your products (e.g. about changes to terms and conditions) or other legal notices.
  • You can update your contact details at any time through NAB Internet Banking or the NAB app.
  • You'll need to regularly check for electronic communications from us as you may not get a paper copy, and you should save or print copies for your records.
  • You agree that we can sign documents electronically and if a document needs your electronic signature, we’ll provide instructions to allow you to sign and return it electronically.

Important information