What is Garmin Pay?

Using Garmin Pay to make a payment with your NAB Visa card is a secure, convenient way to make contactless purchases on the go, right from your wrist.

With more than 15 preloaded sports apps, finding a fun way to stay active is easy. Hit the golf course, go for a bike ride, take a yoga class, or even try your hand at stand-up paddle boarding. vívoactive 3 is Garmin's first wearable to feature Garmin Pay, which lets you pay for purchases with your watch.

Use it just about anywhere you can tap your card to pay. So, if you left your wallet in your locker or just forgot it, that post-run morning latte can still be yours. Just tap and go.

You’ll continue to receive all of the same benefits and rewards your eligible NAB Visa card offers when you pay with Garmin Pay.

Find out which devices are available for Garmin Pay, opens in new window.

How to make a purchase

When you first set up your Garmin you’re prompted to set up a Garmin device code and then you'll be asked to enter this device code daily. 

This code must be set up before you can enrol NAB Visa cards in the Garmin app. When selecting device codes please choose something different from your NAB card PIN or other banking passcodes. Never share your Garmin device with anyone else to help avoid unauthorised use of your NAB Visa cards.

Once you’ve entered your Garmin device code for the day, you won’t always need to enter your card PIN for purchases of $100 or more. It will depend if the merchant has a compatible terminal.

If prompted by the payment terminal for a PIN code, enter the PIN for your NAB Visa card (not your Garmin device code).

Your NAB Visa card should be the active card on your Garmin App and Garmin device for payments to be made using the NAB Visa card. 

For information on how to make your NAB Visa card the active card, please refer to Garmin Pay FAQs, opens in new window

Below there’s some other important information you need to know before you enrol your NAB Visa card in Garmin Pay.

Important things to know before adding NAB cards

  • Keep your Garmin device and Garmin device code secure.
  • Never store your Garmin device code on or with the Garmin device.
  • Don’t share your Garmin device and/or code with anyone.
  • Choose a Garmin device code that’s easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess.
  • Don’t use the same code as you do for your other banking or anything obvious like your date of birth.
  • Not keeping your Garmin device and code secure may mean you’re liable for unauthorised transactions.
  • If you think the security of your Garmin device code or device has been compromised, call us.

Spending limits

The limit you can spend with Garmin Pay depends on cleared funds in your linked account when using your NAB Visa Debit card and your credit limit when using your NAB Visa credit card.

You’re unable to set separate daily limits for Garmin Pay purchases. You should also note some businesses may set their own transaction limits for contactless payments.

Help and support

For issues with your Garmin device or Garmin app, please contact Garmin, opens in new window.

If you’re having trouble enrolling your NAB Visa card into your Garmin device or have transaction queries, use our help and support guide where you’ll find information on:

  • enrolling your NAB Visa card
  • changing or removing your NAB Visa card
  • viewing or disputing Garmin Pay transactions
  • lost and stolen cards or devices.

Terms and Conditions

Garmin Pay in app terms

Dated 21 May 2019

The terms and conditions that apply to your card, card details and contactless readers, and Garmin’s terms and conditions, will also apply to the use of your card details through Garmin Pay wallet.

Device lost or stolen

If your Garmin device is lost or stolen, refer to Garmin support, opens in new window for how you can suspend or remove card(s) in your Garmin app or call us immediately. Suspending or removing your card from the Garmin app will still allow you to keep using your physical card.


We use your information in accordance with the NAB privacy policy.

Garmin share information with us for fraud and identification purposes. See Garmin’s privacy policy, opens in new window.

Other information

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