How we calculate your personal loan amount

The maximum loan amount is an estimate only, based on the income and expenses entered. It doesn't take into account loan eligibility criteria or your complete financial position.

Repayments shown are indicative only.

We have made multiple assumptions to calculate your borrowing power and your indicative repayment amount. Those assumptions affect how reliable these estimates are. Our main assumptions are set out below.

What you have told us is correct

We have assumed that the information you have entered about your financial position is accurate and can be verified by us.

Time of calculation

We’ve calculated everything based on the information and figures available as at the date the calculation is made.

Your income

We use a monthly income amount in our calculations. Any amounts which are not entered as a monthly figure are converted into a monthly amount on the assumption that there are exactly 12 months, 52 weeks, or 26 fortnights, in a year.

At our discretion, we may not take all of your income into account when calculating your borrowing power. This may occur, for example, with income like overtime which may not be consistently earned.

Your expenses

We may include a buffer amount for any repayments you make on any existing loan(s) you have. This allows us to factor in, to some degree, the effect of those repayments going up if interest rates increase.

If we think your living expenses look a lot less than we’d expect, we may take a higher amount into account when working out your borrowing power.

Interest rates

Calculations are based on an example interest rate and are estimates only.

The interest rate you get may be different from the example rate. We offer a range of rates on our personal loans. The interest rate you are offered is based on your personal circumstances.

We decide your rate based on:

  • your banking history with NAB
  • information you provide in your application, including income, assets, debts and expenses
  • your credit history report including your credit score.

After you submit your application, we’ll give you an indicative interest rate if you’re conditionally approved. This is subject to verification of the information you give us in your application.

Once we’ve verified your information, we’ll give you the loan documentation setting out your interest rate and other important information. Keep in mind that the rate shown in the loan documentation is subject to change and may be different on the day of settlement.

We may also include interest rate buffers in our calculations. This allows us to factor in the effect of interest rate increases when working out how much you may be able to afford.

Interest and repayment cycles

We’ve assumed that repayments are payable, and interest is charged, monthly and on the same day. If you have asked us to show you a fortnightly or weekly repayment amount, to keep things simple, we will multiply the monthly repayment amount we have calculated by 12 and then divide it by 26 (for fortnightly repayments) or 52 (for weekly repayments).

To calculate monthly interest, this calculator works out your annual interest charge and divides it by 12 so that interest is spread evenly across each month. Under your contract, the interest calculation takes into account the actual length of each month, so it is slightly different.


We haven’t included any fees or charges that may apply. Get more information about our fees.


We have rounded amounts – with most results being rounded to the nearest dollar.

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