On 15 March 2018 a number of emails were sent out to recipients purporting to be from NAB Financial Planning Franchisee, Hayden Mortimore (screenshot below).

We believe that in early March 2018 an unauthorised party accessed or disclosed information associated with NAB Financial Planning Brisbane CBD. As per our obligations under the Privacy Act, this email is to advise you of the exposure of your personal information (your email address) and to offer you further advice.

NAB was alerted to suspicious emails that Mr Mortimore’s contacts received (including his customers, NAB employees and NAB partners). NAB’s Security team immediately took steps to investigate the cause and extent of the issue, including emailing you to advise the email was not legitimate.

Please note that the following steps are being taken to protect the security of your personal information:

  • NAB Financial Planning Brisbane CBD and NAB Ltd have notified all affected customers;
  • NAB’s Security team is carrying out a forensic investigation the breach;
  • We have required all Franchisees and their employees to implement multi-factor authentication (secondary login authentication) on their email accounts;
  • We have reminded all Franchisees and their employees of their privacy and security obligations and standards;

We have/or recommended that you consider taking the following steps:

  • delete the email without opening if you have not already done so;
  • contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner for further guidance on your rights under the Privacy Act;
  • be vigilant to phishing and spam emails, even if they appear to come from people you know. Red flags can be:
    • the message is unsolicited
    • the content/request is out of character for the sender
    • directs you to click on a link or open an attachment
  • Forward suspicious messages to hoax@nab.com.au
  • Visit the Cyber Safety page to learn more about how you can identify spam and phishing messages;

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this matter in more detail, please contact NAB Financial Planning Brisbane CBD on 07 3220 3797.


Hayden Mortimore


NAB Financial Planning Brisbane CBD Pty Ltd