Boost your super

Consolidate your accounts

  • Have you changed jobs or names recently? Moved house?
  • You could have lost super you don't know about.
  • Six million Australians had lost super worth over $14 billion dollars.
  • Lost super means multiple super accounts; and the more super accounts you have, the more you're paying in fees.

Find out more reasons why and how to consolidate your super accounts.

Government co-contributions

  • Australian government may contribute up to a maximum of $500 to some super accounts.
  • You could be missing out on government contribution.
  • Eligibility criteria applies.

Keep reading about government co-contributions to find out more.

Voluntary contributions

  • Standard 9.5% super guarantee may not be enough for your retirement.
  • You can make voluntary contributions to boost your super.
  • The sooner your start, the bigger the difference.

Learn more about member voluntary contributions.

Salary sacrifice contributions

  • You can set up a pre-tax salary sacrifice super contribution.
  • Pre-tax payments reduce your income tax.
  • Less tax and more super savings.

Read more about salary sacrificing super contributions.

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