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Julie Newnham

I’ve been at NAB for over 3 years working as a manager across Agile, Tech Agility and DevOps areas. I currently manage a team of Agile consultants who build people’s capability within the technology space and help them in their change journey.

Our Agile coaches are focussed on customer experience enabling the teams to experiment new ideas, work practices and solutions with minimal wastage and improved speed of delivery.

We give a lot of feedback to the teams we work with and also actively seek feedback to improve. We provide our teams with training, lunch & learn sessions along with building new tools and upgrading existing tools. As a people leader I support and back my team, helping them build resilience to business, technology and team changes.

We are seeing the excitement building especially with having our new leadership team onboard within the technology space.

“One of the things I love about NAB is the work-life balance and the ability to work from home or part –time; it’s accepted that you can manage your day.”