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Karen Mangio-Liwanag

In all the companies I’ve worked for in my career, NAB stands out as the best. The backing that NAB has given me personally and professionally has played a key role in being able to stay with the company… and my ten years here are a testament to that.

Working within the Quality Assurance team for Mobile Technology I always put myself in the customer’s place to achieve the best solutions and customer experiences. I’m very proud of our team and the journey we’ve been through, especially while launching our Mobile app. I was a part of the Customer testing team where we first-hand got input from the customers on what their expectations were from a mobile banking app, and provided it back to the development team to achieve the best usability.

My team has a good mix of diversity across demographics; from people who have been in the industry for many years to graduates. I love hearing and accommodating the different perspectives and ideas from across the team. The cohesiveness, rapport and unity within the team is why I love working with them.

My team is like my family and it’s this culture and support at NAB that is ‘more than money’”