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Maryann Syer

I’ve been at NAB for over 10 years having had a number of exciting roles along the way. I’m currently consulting within the customer journey team helping them setup their compliance and tools which involves working with a number of people who have been less exposed to complex technology in the past.

My journey has been filled with challenging work starting with my first role up until the last five years where it has been a massive ramp up for me - learning about DevOps, cloud computing, new worlds and new technologies - which makes working at NAB very interesting.

As a team, we are helping the development team to deliver software to our customers where releases get quicker and software gets out faster putting our customer’s experience first.

We now have a focus to invest in our developers, invest in our tools and technology. It’s very inspiring that we are looking into the future - this has been a game changer for me.

At NAB I felt the team was very welcoming, friendly and understanding of my young family. Having two kids to juggle with, I work part-time and NAB has been fantastic with the flexibility which makes balancing work & life easier.

“The company has great opportunities and I think you can go places and achieve great things. It’s a great starting place for anyone’s career.”