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Paul Silver

I’m a Senior Dev Ops Engineer working with AWS and cloud technology. I’ve been a part of the NAB family for 7 years and it’s a great company to work for. I have found the people are very good technically and I work with a team of extremely talented cloud engineers who are focussed on driving efficient outcomes for the business and our customers. I have a great and supportive leadership team who encourages me to be bold and to be brave with my ideas.

My team explores cloud, especially into AWS to provide secure, reliable, optimised, faster and cost-effective technology solutions.

My team is very diverse where people do things differently. We brainstorm ideas, peer review solutions & get things done better.

I love my job and I come to work knowing that I’m going to enjoy my day. I have flexibility in the way I work, and have had the support from my manager to work from home when required.

“I think that at NAB, instead of talking about technology we are building technology. I have found a great culture, really good people and I can design good technology and drive outcomes.”