About Data Analytics

Data Analytics teams are at the core of our business. We see data as the currency of the future. We unlock data to provide insights, drive impactful decisions, serve our customers better and transform our business.

Building internal data talent is a priority area for NAB as we position ourselves for the future. Customer expectations continue to rise as competition drives innovation. It is the acceleration of how data is deployed that will help us create better customer experiences and deeper personalisation. Our people lead, inspire and drive projects and solutions throughout the enterprise to deliver strategic business outcomes. We connect with data, develop and enhance technology services, manage transformational change and implement new ways of working. Our key value lies in the use of data to contribute to building a sustainable NAB.

Our data analytics graduate roles are based in Melbourne and Sydney.

What we look for in a Data Analytics graduate

We’re looking for graduates who love data and want to leverage the power of data for creating customer value. Graduates who are curious, strategically minded and focussed on delivering actionable insights. You’ll have an ability to understand and manipulate complex data to identify hidden patterns and potential issues.

All degrees with a strong quantitative & analytical focus will be considered including: 

  • Actuarial Science
  • Computer Science
  • Data Science
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • Software Engineering
  • Statistics

What you’ll do in Data Analytics

  • Work with a diverse range of datasets and analytics to improve the customer experience
  • Use your analytical capabilities to help make data-driven decisions and applying advanced analytics to discover insights through data science, automation and artificial intelligence
  • Use process engineering methodologies to drive operational excellence, process automation, process standardisation, re-engineering and optimisation
  • Use advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to discover actionable insights, or build new analytic capabilities for our customers and business
  • Technical operations from the ground up including planning, communications, and execution
  • Working with supportive and credible leaders who will provide coaching, mentoring and help enhance your networks
  • Connecting with key stakeholders on exciting projects to enhance the customer experience
  • Be supported to become Cloud Certified

Where Data Analytics can take you

Our program allows you to build a career and specialise in data analytics. Post program, graduates have successfully transitioned into Analyst roles within Data Science, Modelling and Analytics teams. 

Meet Claire

"Working in Data Science at NAB has exposed me to so many opportunities to broaden my knowledge in the field. I have gained experience developing predictive models within a team, as well as sourcing, scraping, and transforming data to extract insights and build model features. It is constantly rewarding to be playing an active role in the data science initiatives being driven by NAB."

Claire, NAB Data Science/Analytics Graduate

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