How we’ll contact you

We’ll contact you by letter, phone, email, SMS or the banking app. If you're unsure whether the email or SMS you've received is genuine and want to confirm the communication is legitimate, you can cross-reference the NAB Identity Protect phone numbers and email addresses listed in your email or letter with the list on this page.

If you’re still concerned after confirming the number is on this page, you can also:

If you’ve received an email or SMS you believe is suspicious and the contact details are not listed on our website, you should report it to us and then delete it.

Learn how to report suspicious messages

How to contact us 

If you need to contact us, check your letter or email from NAB Identity Protect to ensure you’re connected with the right team as we have a few specialised teams.

Our phone numbers and email addresses

We’ve listed the phone numbers that NAB may ask you to contact. This will help you validate that this is a legitimate NAB contact number. While we’ve listed all the phone numbers we may use, please contact the specific number or email address listed in our communication to you.

Phone numbers

03 9322 6426

1300 561 966

1300 383 819

1300 377 178

1300 431 677

1300 431 726

1300 565 254

1300 290 224

1300 410 788

1300 571 771

1300 031 123

1300 290 995

1300 211 982

1300 156 553

Email addresses

Our central email address for sending emails to customers is

You may also be contacted by our Analysts from the following email addresses:

Important information