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Invested in grants to date.

6 grants

in 2017, focused on addressing family and domestic violence and financial shocks.

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Why is this important?

Through the NAB Foundation, we support social impact in a number of ways. We offer grants, support advocacy and communication activities, provide capacity building, skilled volunteering and mentoring support, and look for impact investment opportunities that deliver both a financial return and positive social outcomes.

The impact investment market is an evolving one and we believe this is an innovative way to support financially sustainable initiatives that address social issues. Measuring outcomes is also a priority for us. We want to work with community organisations that seek to measure their outcomes and understand how they’re making a difference.

NAB Foundation's Environmental Wellbeing: Sustainable Regions Grants

We’re pleased to announce that we have opened the environmental wellbeing grant round for the NAB Foundation’s 2017 Grants Program.

NAB is committed to strengthening regional communities. It does this by:

  • valuing natural capital,
  • helping regions better manage their natural resources, and
  • promoting biodiversity in the face of challenges such as land degradation, declining access to water and water quality and climate change.

The Sustainable Regions Grants from the NAB Foundation support the development and implementation of regional approaches to:

  • strengthen co-ordination and collaboration between environmental groups, business, landholders and government,
  • involve the community in practical on-ground action to improve the environment, and
  • implement regional solutions to environmental challenges.

Examples of the types of initiatives that may be eligible for the NAB Foundation Sustainable Regions Grants include but are not limited to those that address:

  • Water quality: by increasing gully and stream bank control, improving fertiliser application efficiency, reducing erosion losses and improving farm water efficiency or minimising farm run-off,
  • Climate change: by undertaking climate adaptation or carbon sequestration projects, implementing traditional firestick farming practices and other activities which reduce carbon emissions or mitigate climate risk, and
  • Biodiversity enhancement: by delivering re-vegetation or restoration of ecosystems such as coastal habitats, wetlands and riparian vegetation and enhancement of pollination or pest control services.

There are two grant types on offer within this category:

  • Thrive Grant: Thrive grants help initiatives or organisations to become sustainable, scale or collaborate and move to their next stage of growth,
  • Seed Grant: Seed grants build, test or pilot innovative ideas or help organisations get started through core operations and capacity building.

Grant amounts will start from $100,000 to $1,000,000 payable over a maximum period of up to three years.

The NAB Foundation is able to support a wide range of social purpose organisations. We can grant to charities and social enterprises as long as the program, project, initiative, or organisation that is applying for a grant has a charitable purpose and is aligned to our grant category.

The NAB Foundation’s grant round will be open online via SmartyGrants from 9am Monday, 18 September and will close at 5pm Friday, 27 October 2017.

For further information, please refer to the following materials,

2017 NAB Foundation Grant Partners

In 2017 we are supporting six organisations committed to addressing family and domestic violence and building financial resilience in our communities. The NAB Foundation supports issues important to NAB customers and the wider Australian community, with family and domestic violence and financial shocks at the heart of this year’s grants program.

Previous grant recipients

The NAB Foundation under its previous name, MLC Community Foundation, is proud to have supported the following organisations in the work they do supporting and solving mental health.

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