What is spam?

A spam email is an unsolicited junk email sent simultaneously to a large number of people. It typically advertises products or get-rich quick schemes. Some also include links to malicious software.

Never unsubscribe from a spam email. If you do, the spammer will know that your email address is correct and being checked, and you’ll get more spam. Spammers aren’t operating legitimate businesses and will never remove you from their mailing lists.

How should you manage spam?

Delete the spam email without opening it. Each time you get a spam email it’s a good idea to set up a rule so that it treats all messages from that sender as spam, and keeps it out of your inbox.

Check your understanding

You receive an email from an unknown email address. The subject line is Feeling lucky? Click here to see if you have won this month’s cash prize. What should you do?

Unsubscribe, then delete the email

Incorrect. You should never unsubscribe from spam emails because it shows the criminals that your email address is correct and they will continue to spam you.

Delete the email

Correct. You should always delete a spam email if you receive one. Don’t unsubscribe from it as this just confirms to the spammers that your email address is real and active. You can also set up a ‘junk rule’ in your inbox so that future emails from the same sender will go to your junk folder.

Click on the link to see if you have won the prize

Incorrect. You should never click on a link in a suspicious email or from a sender who is unfamiliar to you. You should delete the email and set up a rule to forward spam from that sender to your junk folder.