What you need to know

NAB's Shareholder Benefit offer was discontinued on 30 September 2019. However:

  • if you already had this benefit we will continue to honour it while you remain an eligible shareholder and continue to hold an eligible NAB credit card account
  • if you wanted to apply for this benefit, your application must have been received by NAB on or before 30 September 2019. The terms and conditions for eligibility are outlined below.

Will NAB continue to offer the benefit for existing applicants?

NAB will continue to waive the annual card fee for Australian resident shareholders who activated the benefit prior to 30 September 2019 and:

  • who continue to hold 500 or more ordinary NAB shares; and
  • hold an eligible personal NAB credit card account

While you continue to qualify for the Shareholder Benefit, annual credit card fees will not be charged to your account or appear on your statement.

NAB will continue to honour the benefit for customers with a NAB flybuys rewards card, NAB Qantas Plus card, NAB Velocity card or NAB Premium card who activated the benefit before 30 September 2019.

What was the Shareholder Benefit?

NAB’s Shareholder Benefit offer was discontinued on 30 September 2019.

NAB shareholders that qualified for the Shareholder Benefit offer were invited to take advantage of an annual fee waiver on one of the following selected personal NAB credit cards (per eligible shareholder).

NAB Credit Cards Current annual card fee
NAB Low Fee $ 30
NAB Low Fee Platinum $ 90
NAB Rewards Classic $ 95
NAB Qantas Rewards $ 95
NAB Rewards Platinum $ 195
NAB Qantas Rewards Premium $ 250

Annual card fees are current as at 12 August 2019 and are subject to change.


Lachlan Greer

NAB Shareholder Services

Email: shareholder.centre@nab.com.au

Terms and Conditions

A shareholder must be a natural person(s) who is a resident of Australia and;

  • owns 500 ordinary fully paid National Australia Bank Limited (Bank) shares, or
  • is nominated by a company, trust or incorporated body that owns 500 ordinary fully paid Bank shares. A company, trust or incorporated body must have nominated one natural person who is a resident of Australia.

The benefit was only available for one credit card account per eligible shareholder.

Joint shareholders were eligible to access this benefit separately, for one credit card account held in each of their names. In this case, the same Shareholder Benefit number would be linked to each credit card.

2. NAB may vary the terms and conditions of the Shareholder Benefit offer by updating this page.

3. Approval for NAB credit products is subject to NAB's credit assessment criteria. Terms and conditions are available on application. Other fees and charges apply.