A few key results

Carer's Leave

Up to 12 weeks paid primary carer's leave.

Return to work

83.2% of employees returned to work after parental leave in 2019.

Male uptake

34% of our employees taking primary carers leave are males.


83% of our employees feel that they have the flexibility needed to accommodate their priorities at work, at home and in the community.

If you have a question about our flexible workplace options, feel free to contact us for more information.

Why is this important?

We’re focused on creating a flexible workplace to accommodate the diverse needs of our people. Providing a flexible work environment increases productivity, supports work life balance and helps retain talent.

What do we do?

We provide various flexible working arrangements as a way of supporting employees to achieve their work-life balances. When considering flexible working options, we think about what will work for our employees, our customers and the business.

If your circumstances change, like starting a family, coming back to work or transitioning to retirement, we can help.

You can view our full range of flexible working options, which includes job sharing, working from home, flexible start and finish times and extended leave.

We offer support to parents

NAB’s parental leave benefits are inclusive of all employees regardless of gender. It covers biological, surrogacy births and adoption. Benefits within our parental leave offering exceed the minimum payments under the Australian Government Paid Parental Leave Scheme.

If you're a new parent, we offer a whole year of primary parental leave, of which up to 12 weeks’ is paid. This is available to all eligible employees. On return from leave, you will receive superannuation contributions (capped at the maximum contribution base) of up to 40 weeks unpaid primary carer’s leave taken. Additionally, on return, up to 40 weeks of unpaid carers leave taken will count as a period of service for the purpose of calculating long service leave.

We also offer up to two week’s paid secondary career’s leave and up to six weeks unpaid leave, to non-primary caring parents within the first 12 months of the birth or adoption of their child.

Our parental leave offering is extensive. It includes paid leave for pre-natal appointments and for people who experience stillbirth. We also provide parental leave transition support services to help with your caring responsibilities.

We have tools and resources to support new parents. Our parental leave toolkit provides support and information to make the transition from work to parental leave, and back again.

Making the return to work easier for parents

Returning to work can be a time of mixed feelings and changed priorities. We have a social networking group, that can help you ease back in to work, connect with other parents and share tips to make life easier.

Maintaining regular communication with employees on parental leave is important. We have recently launched with Care Corporate, our Stay in Touch Program. The program delivers personalised information that matches the ages and stages that all new parents go through following the birth or adoption of a baby. The program is complemented by a range of resources designed to enhance your parental leave and assisting you to a successful transition back to working life.

We have a childcare strategy based around offering quality, convenient and cost effective childcare options for our employees. This includes facilities at or near some of our major office locations, and discounted childcare options.

We’re happy to look at ways of working that make it possible to balance work and parenting so that our people can be their best, no matter what stage of life they're at.

Support for transitioning to retirement

Retirement is a time when people make the most of life. But even so, the transition from full-time work can take some adjustment. We provide a wide range of flexible work options to support our employees with this transition.

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Workplace flexibility

Helping our people make the most of both their career and their life.

Gender equality

We’re committed to promoting gender equality in the workplace and helping our women thrive at work.

Health and wellbeing

We’re committed to promoting health and wellbeing for our employees, our customers and in the broader community.

Performance and remuneration

We believe in attracting, retaining and motivating our employees through a competitive and market-aligned approach.