Make sure you’re prepared

There’s plenty you can do before, during and after a bushfire, cyclone, severe storm or flood to stay safe. Here’s a helpful guide so you can be prepared for disaster season. You can download this checklist so you’ll always be prepared.

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Get help now 

If you need disaster or crisis support, we can help. 

Do your research

Understand what the disaster risks are for your area. Not sure where to start? Your local council’s website will have helpful information. It’s also a good idea to download your state’s emergency app so that you can get emergency weather alerts.

Make an emergency plan

Whether thinking about your home or business, it’s a good idea to create a plan so you know what to do in extreme weather. Get Ready Queensland, opens in new window has an online form to guide you through the process – it should only take 20 mins to complete and is great to use (even if you don’t live in Queensland).

Disaster-proof your home

Check that your home, car or personal items are insured for different types of natural disasters.
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Pack an emergency kit

You’ll need essentials on hand in case you need to quickly evacuate. Pack long-life food, a first-aid kit and important medication, a charged power-bank, a battery-powered radio, bottled water, matches, gloves, blankets and spare clothing. Don’t forget a can opener and spare batteries too. Make sure you copy passports and ensure you have secure backup methods for accessing important services such as banking.

Do an annual review

Put a reminder in your diary to check your emergency plans and supplies every year.

Helping you in times of crisis

We’re helping Australians recover from and build resilience to natural disasters.

Other ways we can support you

Learn how we can help you through difficult times.

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