Make sure you’re prepared

Disasters can hit anytime, anywhere and often with little warning. From fires to floods to cyclones, no two disasters are the same. But there are some simple and practical steps you can take to protect yourself, the people you love and the things you value most.

Get help now 

If you need disaster or crisis support, we can help. 

Know your emergency plan

A good understanding of your emergency plan means you can carry it out quickly if a natural disaster strikes. Write and practise your evacuation plan for each disaster scenario for your location. Learn how to turn off your electricity, water and gas, and locate the safest room in the house to take shelter. The Australian Red Cross has guidance on how to create an emergency plan, opens in new window.

Prepare an emergency kit 

Disasters like floods or bushfires can happen fast. You should have an emergency kit ready to go in a safe place. Not sure where to start? No problem. Australian Red Cross has a checklist, opens in new window of the items you should consider packing.

Ready your home

Check that your home is as disaster proof as possible using the Australian Red Cross’ Get Prepared, opens in new window app, available on the App Store, opens in new window and Google Play, opens in new window. It’s important to maintain your garden, and clear your gutters, down pipes and drains. Have a roofing expert check the condition of your roof and fix any broken tiles. Remove flammable items and check that water sources and hoses are accessible.

Check your insurance policies 

Check that your home, car or personal items are insured properly for different types of natural disasters. View our insurance options.

Ready your business 

Make sure your business is prepared for natural disasters by creating an emergency management plan. A good emergency management plan will help you identify and prepare for risks, and quickly respond to and recover from unexpected disruptions.

You can download the Australian Government’s emergency management and recovery plan template, opens in new window to create your own.

Set a reminder 

Any year that you avoid encountering a natural disaster is a good one. But your emergency plans and supplies need to be checked or revisited at least once a year. Set a reminder for the quieter months and review your current plans. That way you’re always ready and informed when disaster season rolls around again.

Get informed and stay safe  

Whether it’s before or during disaster season, you can always access the most up-to-date information and essential services through specialist natural disaster organisations such as Australian Red Cross, opens in new window, your local emergency services organisations and your local radio station.

Safety first 

It’s important to avoid unnecessary risks in a natural disaster. Regardless of what you own, nothing is more precious than your life and the lives of others. In the event of floods, bushfires, cyclones and severe weather please follow the advice of your local emergency services.

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