New EBD cash-only bags

EBD bags used today (made up of a cash and non-cash compartments) will be replaced with a new cash-only bag (the non-cash compartment of the bag will be removed).

To deposit using these bags, you must submit your EBD deposit information using the new online deposit form prior to dropping your bags off at the branch. Details about the new online deposit form and how to use it are contained below.

Cheques are no longer accepted in EBD bags. You can use Express Cheque Deposit (ECD) envelopes to deposit cheques, which can be found at your local branch.

Ordering EBD bags

From Monday 4 April 2022, when you place an EBD bag order, you will be sent the new cash-only EBD bags and you will no longer be issued paper EBD deposit books. The new cash-only bags will still take up 14 business days to arrive.

You can order the new cash only EBD bags either in branch, through your banker, our servicing team or online. You can nominate any address to send your EBD bags to.

When ordering your EBD bags, you will need to tell us:

  • the account you will be using these EBD bags to deposit into
  • if the account hasn’t been used for EBD’s before
  • the number of packets of bags you require (50 EBD bags to a packet)
  •  the address to send them to.

The new cash-only bags you are issued will be linked to your accounts and therefore can’t be shared with other customers. You must only use these bags linked to the accounts you wish to deposit into.

Please note, you won’t be able to collect new cash-only EBD bags in branch.

Key information for customers with multiple business entities

Don’t share these new EBD bags because they are linked to your individual business entities.

Each business entity must only use their allocated new EBD bags when submitting the new online deposit form.

Dropping your EBD bags off at the branch

You must complete an online deposit form for each bag before your EBD bags are dropped off at the branch.

The process of dropping your EBD bags off at the branch remains unchanged. They can be deposited at your local branch via the EBD machine or chute.

You have up to 29 days to drop your EBD bag off at the branch. If you have submitted an online deposit form, and the bag is not received at the branch within 29 days, the online deposit form will expire. If you still wish to deposit this bag, you will need to use a new bag and complete a new online deposit form.

We won’t be able to process your EBD bag if the online deposit form hasn’t been completed. If we don’t receive a corresponding online deposit form, we’ll be in touch.

New EBD Online Deposit form

From 4 April 2022, the EBD paper deposit slip used today will be replaced with an online deposit form. The form will be made available via our website. This form must be completed prior to dropping your EBD bags off at a branch. Only deposits that meet the minimum deposit limit of $500 for any bags containing notes (and do not exceed $300 in coins) will be accepted when using the online deposit form.

Using the online deposit form

To use the new online deposit form, you must order and receive our new cash-only EBD bags.

The form can be used on mobile devices and can be accessed without a username or password.

If you have trouble accessing the internet or need assistance, you can access the online deposit form at your local branch.

You will need the below information when completing the online deposit form:

  • BSB and account number you wish to deposit into
  • EBD bag number (new cash only EBD bag numbers start with a 6)
  • Store number, also known as an agent number (optional)
  • breakdown of notes
  • breakdown of coins
  • email address for confirmation of deposit details (recommended).

Watch our short video on how to complete the EBD online deposit form.

What to do with ‘old’ EBD bags

We will continue to accept the ‘old’ EBD bags and paper deposit slips (made up of a cash and non-cash compartments) until you’ve received new cash-only bags, or until 31 July 2022.

However, once you have run out of these bags and books, you will need to order the new cash-only bags. Both the new cash-only bags and the new online form must be used together. The online deposit form will not allow you to submit deposit information using ‘old’ bags.

If you’ve received the new cash-only EBD bags but have excess ‘old’ EBD bags, you can drop these off at your nearest branch for recycling.

How the new process will work

The new EBD process is similar to the existing one.

Existing process – paper deposit slip

Under the current EBD process you:

  1. Complete a paper deposit slip

  2. Place cash and the deposit slip in an EBD bag

  3. Drop the bag at an EBD collection point

New process – online deposit form

Under the new process you will:

  1. Complete the online deposit form

  2. Place cash only in a new EBD bag.

  3. Drop the bag at an EBD collection point 

Watch our short video to learn more about what these changes mean for your business.

Depositing cheques and cash under $500:

If you intend to make deposits under $500 and cheque deposits, you can use:

  • NAB Smart ATMs
  • NAB Coin Deposit Machines
  • NAB Express cheque deposits
  • over the counter services at any NAB branch
  • over the counter services at any Australia Post outlet.

Why are we making these changes?

These changes will help us provide our business customers with a safer and more efficient digital EBD service.

Removing physical deposit books means we can:

  • make completing deposits more efficient
  • reduce errors and discrepancies by automatically calculating cash totals

In the near future, this new process will allow your preferred courier to collect your cash and deliver it directly to cash processing centres around the country.

It will also allow us to improve our environmental footprint by reducing paper and plastic use.

Frequently asked questions

  • The old EBD bags are made up of a cash and non-cash compartment. While the new cash-only bag is made up of one cash-only compartment and the bag number (barcode number) will begin with a 6. These are the bags you will receive when you place an order after 4 April 2022. These bags must be used with the online deposit form.

  • It can take up to 14 business days for your EBD bags to arrive.

  • No. If you haven’t received your EBD bags after 14 business days, you can contact us and we can investigate your order.

  • No, using the new bags and online deposit form is included in the cost of our enhanced EBD service.

  • You should check that:

    • you have entered your BSB, account number and bag number correctly
    • the bag is linked to the account you wish to deposit into (eg. The bag belongs to the business entity that the bags were ordered for)
    • you’re using a new cash only EBD bag (bag number begins with a 6)
    • he bag you are using hasn’t been used before.

    If you are still receiving this error message, please contact us.

  • Cheques are no longer accepted in EBD’s. You can deposit cheques using the Express Cheque Deposits instead.

  • No. You must compete the online deposit form all at once and submit.

  • Yes, agent numbers can be entered in the ‘Store Number’ field of the form. This number will be captured on your statement.

  • Yes. Once you have submitted your deposit information, you are given the option to email a confirmation of your deposit details.

  • Yes. Once you have submitted your deposit information you are given the option to print a copy of your confirmation.

  • No. You only need to submit your deposit details via the online deposit form.

  • No. That’s why we recommend you provide an email address when submitting the form to receive a confirmation of the deposit details.

  • No. If you need to make changes to the deposit information you have submitted, you must use a new bag and start a new deposit form. The deposit form you have previously submitted will simply expire after 29 days if not received at the branch.

  • The ‘said to contain’ value will hit your account once our staff have scanned your bag at the branch.

  • The following will appear on your statement:

    EBD <Bag number> <Store Number> (Store number only displayed if used)

  • No. This is reflected on your confirmed deposit details, a copy of which can be emailed or printed.

Important information