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Agribusiness Contacts
State Street Address Suburb Postcode Name of specialist Position Phone number Email address
ACT Street Address 4/14 Childers Street Suburb Canberra Postcode 2601 Name of specialist Paul Barnes Position Managing Partner, Monaro & South Coast Phone number 0437632253 Email address Paul.R.Barnes@nab.com.au
Street Address 549 Kiewa Street Suburb Albury, NSW Postcode 2640 Name of specialist Olivia McFarlane Position Managing Partner, Albury Phone number 0455090474 Email address Olivia.M.McFarlane@nab.com.au
Street Address 4/14 Childers Street Suburb Canberra Postcode 2601 Name of specialist Sanja Slatter Position Managing Partner, Canberra-Childers Phone number 0477734561 Email address Sanja.Slatter@nab.com.au
Street Address 147-153 Yambil Street Suburb Griffith, NSW Postcode 2680 Name of specialist Rebecca Ayres Position Managing Partner, South Western NSW Phone number 0410442328 Email address Rebecca.A.Ayres@nab.com.au
Street Address 1/118-126 Princes Highway Suburb Fairy Meadow, NSW Postcode 2519 Name of specialist Daniel Armstrong Position Managing Partner, Shoalhaven - Illawarra Phone number 0455050990 Email address Daniel.J.Armstrong@nab.com.au
Street Address 39 Wollongong Street Suburb Fyshwick Postcode 2609 Name of specialist Farren Smith Position

Managing Partner, Fyshwick

Phone number 0477356737 Email address Farren.Smith@nab.com.au
Street Address 4/14 Childers Street Suburb Canberra Postcode 2601 Name of specialist Naomi Stuart Position Regional Customer Executive ACT Phone number 0436857343 Email address Naomi.Stuart@nab.com.au
NSW Street Address 89 Dangar Street Suburb Armidale Postcode 2341 Name of specialist  Daren Wilkinson Position Managing Partner, New England Phone number 0436910867 Email address Daren.T.Wilkinson@nab.com.au
Street Address 235-241 Baylis Street Suburb Wagga Wagga Postcode 2650 Name of specialist Nicole Killen Position Managing Partner, Wagga Wagga Phone number 0477387661 Email address Nicole.M.Killen@nab.com.au
Street Address 235 Lords Place Suburb Orange Postcode 2800 Name of specialist Tim Davidson Position Managing Partner, Central NSW Phone number 0429001889 Email address Tim.Davidson@nab.com.au
Street Address 1/400 Peel Street Suburb Tamworth Postcode 2340 Name of specialist Warrick Grieve Position Managing Partner, Tamworth Phone number 0475828297 Email address Warrick.Grieve@nab.com.au
Street Address 204 Macquarie Street Suburb Dubbo Postcode 2830 Name of specialist Dennis Sheridan Position Managing Partner, Central Western NSW Phone number 0457539358 Email address Dennis.Sheridan@nab.com.au
Street Address 1/30 Gordon Street Suburb Coffs Harbour Postcode 2450 Name of specialist Alison Blanshard Position Managing Partner, Coffs Coast & Clarence Valley Phone number 0429842814 Email address Alison.Blanshard@nab.com.au
Street Address 15 Mitchell Drive Suburb East Maitland Postcode 2323 Name of specialist Maree Zwolsman Position Managing Partner, Hunter Valley Phone number 0428638691 Email address Maree.M.Zwolsman@nab.com.au
Street Address 1/6 Chapman Street Suburb Charlestown Postcode 2290 Name of specialist Natalie Gibson Position Managing Partner, Lake Macquarie Phone number 0436918913 Email address Natalie.Gibson@nab.com.au
Street Address Suite 6, Cnr Short & Clarence Street Suburb Port Macquarie Postcode 2444 Name of specialist Corey Beeton Position Managing Partner, Mid North Coast NSW Phone number 0472876776 Email address Corey.R.Beeton@nab.com.au
Street Address 1/101 Hannell Street Suburb Wickham Postcode 2293 Name of specialist Rachel Lodding Position Managing Partner, Newcastle Phone number 0459836768 Email address Rachel.O.Lodding@nab.com.au
Street Address 41 Heber Street Suburb Moree Postcode 2400 Name of specialist Charles Allen Position Managing Partner, North Western NSW Phone number 0476840007 Email address Charles.Allen@nab.com.au
Street Address 3/255 George Street Suburb Sydney Postcode 2000 Name of specialist Jon Meys Position Managing Partner, Sydney NSW Phone number 0429079768 Email address Jon.C.Meys@nab.com.au
Street Address 23-25 Woodlark Street Suburb Lismore Postcode 2480 Name of specialist Nigel Rumble Position Managing Partner, Northern Rivers, NSW Phone number 0438697152 Email address Nigel.J.Rumble@nab.com.au
Street Address 3/255 George Street Suburb Sydney Postcode 2000 Name of specialist Khan Horne Position Regional Customer Executive, NSW Phone number 0419682623 Email address Khan.Horne@nab.com.au
QLD Street Address 17/259 Queen Street Suburb Brisbane Postcode 4000 Name of specialist Mark McNamara Position Managing Partner, South Eastern QLD Phone number 0477330146 Email address Mark.B.Mc.Namara@nab.com.au
Street Address 174 Hume Street Suburb Toowoomba Postcode 4350 Name of specialist Jason Lipp Position Managing Partner, Toowoomba Phone number 0428297250 Email address Jason.A.Lipp@nab.com.au
Street Address 101 McDowall Street Suburb Roma Postcode 4455 Name of specialist Jason Coonan Position Managing Partner, South Western QLD Phone number 0427645871 Email address Jason.S.Coonan@nab.com.au
Street Address 1/39 East Street Suburb Rockhampton Postcode 4700 Name of specialist Darren Kuhl Position Managing Partner, Central QLD Phone number 0418762895 Email address Darren.M.Kuhl@nab.com.au
Street Address 128 Cunningham Street Suburb Dalby Postcode 4405 Name of specialist Gavin Pontin Position Managing Partner, Southern QLD Phone number 0475834455 Email address Gavin.J.Pontin@nab.com.au
Street Address 139 Boat Harbour Drive Suburb Pialba Postcode 4655 Name of specialist Kirsten Buttigieg Position Managing Partner, Wide Bay & Fraser Coast Phone number 0429049115 Email address Kirsten.F.Buttigieg@nab.com.au
Street Address 420 Flinders Street Suburb Townsville Postcode 4810 Name of specialist Grant Murphy Position Managing Partner, Northern QLD Phone number 0475823530 Email address Grant.Murphy@nab.com.au
Street Address Level 1, Victoria & Sydney Streets Suburb Mackay Postcode 4740 Name of specialist Michael Horne Position Managing Partner, Whitsundays Phone number 0404883452 Email address Michael.L.Horne@nab.com.au
Street Address 259 Queen Street Suburb Brisbane Postcode 4000 Name of specialist John Avent Position Regional Customer Executive QLD Phone number 0408384640 Email address John.C.Avent@nab.com.au
Street Address 15 Lake Street Suburb Cairns Postcode 4870 Name of specialist Elisha-Vi Raso Position Managing Partner, Far North QLD Phone number 0436818935 Email address Elisha-Vi.Raso@nab.com.au
SA Street Address 22-28 King William Street Suburb Adelaide Postcode 5000 Name of specialist Madeleine Harris Position Managing Partner, Central SA Phone number 0414436701 Email address Madeleine.A.Harris@nab.com.au
Street Address 22-28 King William Street Suburb Adelaide Postcode 5000 Name of specialist Hugh Bailey Position Managing Partner, Northern SA Phone number 0475986415 Email address Hugh.M.Bailey@nab.com.au
Street Address 9/22-28 King William Street Suburb Adelaide Postcode 5000 Name of specialist Joe Paparella Position Managing Partner, Alice Springs

Regional Customer Executive SA & NT
Phone number 0459874661 Email address Joe.Paparella@nab.com.au
Street Address 18 Bridge Street Suburb Murray Bridge Postcode 5253 Name of specialist Judd Smith Position Managing Partner, Southern SA Phone number 0436835571 Email address Judd.A.Smith@nab.com.au
VIC Street Address 28/500 Bourke Street Suburb Melbourne Postcode 3000 Name of specialist Matt Strong Position Managing Partner, Melbourne Phone number 0447107943 Email address Matthew.J.Strong@nab.com.au
Street Address 43-45 Broughman Street Suburb Geelong Postcode 3220 Name of specialist David Flood Position Managing Partner, Geelong Partnership Phone number 0477374186 Email address David.M.Flood@nab.com.au
Street Address 1/1001 Sturt Street Suburb Ballarat Postcode 3350 Name of specialist Matt McCabe Position Managing Partner, Ballarat Phone number 0427542010 Email address Matt.D.McCabe@nab.com.au
Street Address 19 Victoria Street Suburb Warragul Postcode 3820 Name of specialist Simon Waugh Position Managing Partner, South Eastern VIC Phone number 0477336885 Email address Simon.Waugh@nab.com.au
Street Address 1/57-59 Mitchell Street Suburb Bendigo Postcode 3550 Name of specialist Garry Leed Position Managing Partner, Central Victoria Phone number 0428106192 Email address Garry.Leed@nab.com.au
Street Address 1/245 Raymond Street Suburb Sale Postcode 3850 Name of specialist Jason Guy Position Managing Partner, Eastern VIC Phone number 0436840720 Email address Jason.Guy@nab.com.au
Street Address 55 Deakin Avenue Suburb Mildura Postcode 3500 Name of specialist Damien Darcy Position Managing Partner, North Western VIC Phone number 0428104005 Email address Damien.M.Darcy@nab.com.au
Street Address 381 Wyndham Street Suburb Shepparton Postcode 3630 Name of specialist Dave Davies Position Managing Partner, Goulburn Valley Phone number 0429001885 Email address Dave.A.Davies@nab.com.au
Street Address 140 Koroit Street Suburb Warrnambool Postcode 3280 Name of specialist Jaime Barr Position Managing Partner, South West VIC Phone number 0409248933 Email address Jaime.Barr@nab.com.au
Street Address 131 Gray Street Suburb Hamilton Postcode 3300 Name of specialist Mick Alderman Position Managing Partner, Western VIC Phone number 0459867173 Email address Michael.P.Alderman@nab.com.au
Street Address 35/500 Bourke Street Suburb Melbourne Postcode 3000 Name of specialist Peter Steele Position Regional Customer Executive VIC Phone number 0414440734 Email address Peter.B.Steele@nab.com.au
WA Street Address 100 St. Georges Terrace Suburb Perth Postcode 6000 Name of specialist Jeff Pontifex Position Regional Customer Executive WA Phone number 0436641884 Email address Jeff.Pontifex@nab.com.au
Street Address 100 St. Georges Terrace Suburb Perth Postcode 6000 Name of specialist Andrew Clark Position Managing Partner, Eastern WA Phone number 0428240277 Email address Andrew.Clark@nab.com.au
Street Address 144 Marine Terrace Suburb Geraldton Postcode 6530 Name of specialist Rebecca Cains Position Managing Partner, North Western WA Phone number 0408096274 Email address Rebecca.A.Cains@nab.com.au
Street Address 7 Sandridge Road Suburb Bunbury Postcode 6230 Name of specialist David Gulberti Position Managing Partner, South Western WA Phone number 0459827308 Email address David.R.Gulberti@nab.com.au
Street Address 250 York Street Suburb Albany Postcode 6330 Name of specialist Rebecca Cains Position Managing Partner, Great Southern WA Phone number 0408096274 Email address Rebecca.A.Cains@nab.com.au
NT Street Address 1/71 Smith Street Suburb Darwin Postcode 0800 Name of specialist Angela Tomazos Position Managing Partner, Darwin Phone number 0438827811 Email address Angela.X.Tomazos@nab.com.au
TAS Street Address 86 Collins Street Suburb Hobart Postcode 7000 Name of specialist Lee Campbell Position Agribusiness Manager TAS Phone number 0428579852 Email address Lee.X.Campbell@nab.com.au

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