Specialised banking for real estate agents

We see the opportunity within the real estate industry and provide support to you to do more through your local real estate industry business bankers. We’re committed to helping you do more.

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Who we are

Our accredited real estate industry bankers offer:

  • a deep understanding of your industry and the unique revenue streams of your business through broad experience across a number of clients
  • the ability to help you with both your business and personal banking needs.

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Take advantage of more opportunities, with our local bankers who are empowered to make decisions about your business and home loans on the spot.

In most instances credit managers work in the local NAB Business Banking Centre, so they understand the local market and are available face-to-face.

What we offer

Transactional solutions for your business

  • Tailored, streamlined solutions for receiving and making payments.
  • NAB Master Account Opening Service (MAOS) for real estate agents. This is a streamlined process that makes opening and closing bank accounts easier, utilised by agents needing to open settlement accounts or commercial bond accounts where interest does not need to be paid to your state statutory authority.
  • Statutory trust accounts compliant with your state statutory authority.
  • Business account solutions.

Our new, flexible lending policy for real estate agents

  • We can offer a new, simplified lending policy designed for the unique revenue streams of the real estate industry.
  • Business finance secured by your business assets alone with no need to mortgage your home1.
  • Attractive loan to value ratio (LVR) against your reoccurring commercial and residential property management income.
  • Flexible repayment solutions, including interest only1.

Important information

1 Subject to credit approval.

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