Commodity price risk management

Protecting the value of your business from the impact of commodity price fluctuations can help with everything from long term business planning to managing your day to day cash flow.

We offer products that are specifically designed to help you manage your price exposure to commodities including diesel, wheat, sugar, corn, cotton, soybeans, coffee and aluminium (and others).

Your NAB Business Banker working with NAB Commodity Strategic Dealers can help in designing a solution to match/manage the commodity price risk of your business.

Commodity solutions used by Business market clients can be grouped into two categories - swaps and options.

Commodity swaps

Swaps are an agreement between you and us that fixes the price of an agreed quantity of the relevant commodity (fixed swap price) on a future date (maturity date).

Commodity options

Options allow you to achieve an agreed maximum – or an agreed minimum – price for a notional quantity of a commodity on the maturity date.

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