What are Express Business Deposits

Express Business Deposits (EBD) allow our business customers with eligible accounts to make cash deposits quickly and easily, directly into their business accounts. 

Submitting your deposit details is moving online. Learn more about the recent changes to the Express Business Deposit service. 

Submit your Express Business Deposit details online

Once you’ve received your new cash-only bags, you must submit your deposit details using the new online form.

Remember, you can only use the new online form with the new cash-only EBD bags. If you’re unsure if you have a new bag, make sure the bag number starts with the number six. 

How to deposit 

Watch our short video on how to complete the EBD online deposit form. 

Once you complete the online deposit form below, place the cash you’re depositing into your new cash-only EBD bag and seal firmly. Ensuring your deposit meets the minimum of $500 if the bag contains notes, however coins should not exceed $300.

When you’re ready, drop the EBD bag off at your nearest local branch.

You don’t need to include a deposit slip or any printed confirmation in the new cash-only bags. All the deposit information is captured in the new form.

Please note, cheques are no longer accepted in EBD bags. You can deposit cheques using Express Cheque Deposit (ECD) envelopes, these are available at your local branch. 

Access the new online deposit form.

If you’re not already using our EBD service, please speak to your banker to find out more.

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