Steps to view and pre-deliver FX deals

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started. 

  1. From the Services menu, select ‘Foreign exchange deals’.
  2. From the Entity drop-down list, select the entity the deal is booked under.
  3. From the list of deals that display, locate the deal you want to pre-deliver. 
  4. Select the option for the deal and select Pre-deliver. If the deal is not available for pre-delivery, the option to pre-deliver will be unavailable.
  5. In the Pre-deliver details section, enter the amount of the deal you would like to pre-deliver in either the You buy (NAB Sell) or You sell (NAB buy) field.
  6. In the New value date field, either:
    • Select ‘Today’ or;
    • Enter the new value date for the deal.
  7. Select Get pre-delivery rate to retrieve the new rate.
  8. Select Pre-deliver now to book your new deal.
    • To change any details, select the Back button and return to the previous screen.
    • If you don't wish to continue, select Cancel to return to the 'FX deal summary' screen.
  9. You can print or export a PDF version of the FX deal summary details.
  10. Close the FX deal summary screen to return to the Foreign Exchange Deals screen.

Please note

When booking a new exchange rate, the displayed rate will only be available for the length of time displayed on the timer. If this expires, you'll need to tap Get pre-delivery rate for a new rate.

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