Steps to refinance an international payment

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started

  1. From the Payments menu, select ‘International’.
  2. Select ‘International’ in the Category drop-down list and enter the details of your payment.
  3. In the Payment value section, select the ‘Refinance’ checkbox.
  4. Complete the refinance details using the information below as a guide:
    • Payment currency: Convert the refinance to Australian Dollars (AUD) or in the payment currency (CCY). If refinancing in AUD, you'll need to select the ‘Rate Source’ from the Settlement details section.
    • How long to refinance for: The refinance period or maturity date must fall on a business day. Select, in days, how long you want to refinance the payment for (between seven to 364 days from the value date), or enter the maturity date. 
    • Which entity: Select the entity of the Trade refinance facility to use for the payment
  5. Provide any supporting documents by tapping on Attach files to upload and select the relevant documents.
  6. Select Submit document(s) once all documents are ready for upload.
  7. Complete the Settlement details section.
  8. To send your payment for authorisation, select Submit
  9. A trade refinance advice will be made available to print/export once the payment is processed. To obtain a copy of the trade refinance advice, select 'Payment register' from the Payments menu.
  10. Select Payment ID to view the details of the payment.
  11. Select the Bank messages icon. 
  12. You can print or export the advice or view the full message details by selecting the down-facing arrow.

Please note

  • To process your payment, NAB requires a copy of the invoice related to the trade transaction.
  • If your payment relates to a physical shipment of goods, we will also require details of the port of loading and port of discharge. If this information is not available on your invoice, please attach shipping documents such as Bill of Lading or Air Waybill.
  • Up to 10 documents can be uploaded with a maximum size of 7MB per file. Please ensure none of your documents are password protected.
  • Supporting documents must be provided in PDF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, DOC, DOCX, XLS and XLSX formats only.

Important information