Steps to monitor international payments

Make sure you’re logged into NAB Connect to get started. 

  1. From the Accounts menu, select ‘Transaction history’.
  2. You can also select an account number hyperlink from the Account summary menu.
  3. If it's not already chosen, select Simple.
  4. Select the arrow next to Last x days dropdown and select either the:
    1. number of days history you need, or
    2. date range and then complete the additional fields that display
  5. To find the specific transaction that you want to view the history for, either: 
    1. select a column heading to sort the transactions and/or scroll down the list
    2. in the Search field, start typing the name until the transaction displays in the list.
  6. Select the drop down in the Running balance column and view payment details for your transaction details. The details of the international payment will be displayed in two key sections — the Payment summary field or the payment tracking Metro-line graphic.

Payment summary information

This can include the following:

  • Status – the current status update of the payment’s journey.
  • Amount sent – the payment amount debited from the sender’s account.
  • Fee deducted – the fees deducted by the overseas banks involved in processing your payment.
  • Amount credited – the amount your recipient (payee) receives or is expected to receive.
  • Transaction reference – NAB reference number for this payment (quote this number if you call us about this transaction).
  • Elapsed time – the total time taken since the payment was sent from NAB.
  • Service – the service used to transfer this payment.

Bank information

Metro-line lists each bank and their location along the payment’s journey, which can include:

  • Time and date each bank have provided an update of the international payment’s status; and/or the time taken to process the payment.
  • If a fee is deducted by a bank, it will be indicated next to the bank’s name along with the time taken to process the payment by that bank. 
  • The Amount Sent will show the original value of the payment sent by the customer and the amount to be credited value will be the original amount less the sum of any fees deducted by banks during the payment’s journey.

Please note

If a bank along the journey is not displaying payment information, this indicates they have not yet provided an update or are not participating in tracking international payments.

The payment tracking Metro-line is read starting at the bottom and the most recent status will be at the top. NAB will appear at the bottom as the sending bank. 

The colour and status of each symbol is represented below:

Status Description
Grey Payment is in transit.
Green with line Payment has reached each point along the journey.
Grey circle outline Payment is destined for but has not yet reached this destination. Please check back later.
Solid grey circle SWIFT tracker services is currently unavailable, and no tracking information can be shared at this time. Please check back later.
Green circle Payment is at a bank at the time of the status update.
Green circle with white tick Funds have been credited to the recipient’s bank account. If the account displays a large circle without a tick at the payee’s bank, this means the funds have arrived at the bank but have not yet been confirmed into the recipient’s bank account.

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