Common payment file errors

The most common errors with payment files are caused by incorrect file formats. Before submitting payment files, ensure they meet the format requirements in the ‘NAB Direct Link Consolidated File Format Specifications’ document. To request this, email or contact your NAB business banking representative.

If any of the below errors occur, you’ll receive a Rejected Acknowledgement, and you’ll need to fix the error and resubmit the payment file. You’ll receive an Acknowledgement file that will confirm if the re-submitted files were accepted or rejected.

File missing self-balancing line

Make sure you include the self-balancing line in your payment files.

Invalid transaction record length

You will need to remove or replace invalid special characters before you resubmit the payment file.

Invalid BSB format

Make sure the character positioning is correct and not missing the hyphen.

Invalid account number

Check the account number for typos, missing or extra digits.

Wrong file type

Check the file type is correct and is placed in the correct folder or directory. For example, make sure that a Direct Entry ABA file is placed in the Direct Entry ABA folder and not in a BPAY Batch folder.

Invalid lodgement reference

Check there isn’t a space before the first character and make sure the characters in the field are left justified.

Additional support

Before you contact NAB regarding receipt of a payment file, check with your technology team to confirm the file was transmitted successfully and that you haven’t received an Acknowledgement file.

For additional support email and include the below information:

  • Mailbox ID
  • Payment type
  • File name
  • Date and time the payment file was submitted
  • File dollar value.

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