Missing new account in reporting file

If your new account doesn’t appear in the Account Information File (NAI/BAI2) or Bank Statement File, it may not have been added yet. Check that you’ve requested the account addition and you’ve received confirmation that the account was added.

If you’ve received the confirmation but the account does not appear in your Account Information File, email direct.link.support@nab.com.au.

Account Information File (NAI/BAI2) is missing the opening balance

It’s normal for the Account Information File to be missing the opening balance. NAB does not use summary code 010 for the opening balance, we use code 015 for closing balance instead. 

Debits in my Account Information File (BAI2) appear as credits in my ERP system

Transaction codes 950 to 956 are normally reserved for credit items but are converted and used as debit items in NAB's BAI2 files. Many ERP systems class codes 950 to 956 as credit items by default and will need modification to support NAB’s version of BAI2 files. To address this, contact the support team of your ERP.

For more information about transaction codes, contact your NAB business banking representative and request the ‘NAB Direct Link Account Information File (NAI/BAI2)’ document.

To request this email  direct.link.support@nab.com.au or contact your NAB business banking representative.

Note, we cannot modify the current file format specification. If you cannot modify your ERP system, contact direct.link.support@nab.com.au.

No Account Information File received after a national public holiday

Account Information Files are not produced on national public holidays, they will be available on the following business day.

Note, New Zealand Account Information Files are impacted by New Zealand public holidays in the same way.

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