Features and benefits of a NAB eCommerce Merchant Account

  • After setting up a NAB eCommerce Merchant Account, easy set-up by providing your merchant account details to your gateway provider.

  • Choice of NAB accredited gateway provider.

  • Overnight settlement to a NAB Business Transaction account.

  • NAB Business Transaction Account customers have the added benefit of same day settlement (cut-off times are subject to your chosen gateway), increased included monthly card transactions and reduced excess usage rate .

Payments and merchants Need a website payment solution? We’ve got you covered

Backed by NAB and the global strength of Visa and its online payment solutions, NAB Gateway is the solution for your online and virtual payments.

Rates and fees for a NAB eCommerce Merchant Account

Set up fee

$ 0

No NAB set up fees.

Monthly card turnover fee

$ 30

$30 merchant service fee per month on monthly card turnover of up to $2,000  when settling to a NAB business account or when settling to non-NAB account monthly card turnover of up to $1,575 .

Fee per transaction exceeding card turnover limits

1.50 %

1.50% per transaction exceeding $2,000 when settling to a NAB business account or 1.90% per transaction exceeding $1,575 when settling to non-NAB account.

Additional fee per transaction

$ 0.30

A $0.30 additional fee per transaction applies.

Important Applying for an Online and eCommerce payment solution

Please read through our eligibility criteria before applying.

Eligibility criteria

Please ensure you meet all following eligibility criteria:

  • You have an active ABN.

  • You're the business owner or director of an Australian private company, or an office holder for a not-for-profit, community club or community organisation.

  • You’ve not had a merchant facility terminated by an Australian financial institution within the last 12 months.

Before applying

Before applying for a NAB eCommerce Merchant account, check to see that your existing gateway provider can integrate with us.

Compatibility checklist

Your website will need to include the following information:

  • Your business name (and ABN as applicable).

  • The address of your place of business in Australia (not a PO Box).

  • Your business contact details, including telephone and email address.

  • Clear descriptions of the products and/or services being offered to customers, including price in relevant currency.

  • Your refund exchange policy, including the process for cancellation of a transaction by a cardholder.

  • Your delivery timeframe for goods and services.

  • Details of any Australian export restrictions (if applicable).

  • Your privacy policy and how you intend to deal with, or share, personal information obtained from and about the cardholder.

  • A description of the measures you have in place to maintain the security of cardholder's account data.

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