Steps to enable surcharges in NAB Gateway

You can enable different surcharging rules for a range of transaction types. They are known as surcharge rules, and you can view up to ten rules on the ‘Differential Fee’ page.

When selecting ranking rules you must consider if their application will result in a surcharge that exceeds your legitimate costs of accepting that payment. Learn more about compliant surcharging at Reserve Bank of Australia surcharging standard, opens in new window.

Only one rule is applied per transaction, based on the rank and transaction details. The closer the rule is to number one, the more likely it is to be applied. If more than one rule matches the transaction details, the rule with the rank closest to one is applied.

  1. Sign in to NAB Gateway
  2. From the left navigation panel, select Payment Configuration
  3. Select Differential Fee. From here, you can add your own rules. 
  4. Select the transaction Location to which the rule applies. 
  5. Select the payment Card Type to which the rule applies. 
  6. Select the Card Scheme to which the rule applies. 
  7. Select the payment Channel to which the rule applies. 
  8. Select the Surcharge fee type.
  9. Enter either a Surcharge amount or enter a Surcharge rate (the percentage of the transaction’s total amount). 
  10. Select Save.

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