How to process a One-Time Payment

The One-Time Payment page within NAB Gateway lets you process transactions instigated via a cardholder. Use this page to enter payment transaction details for orders that you have received on the phone or online. 

  1. Sign in to NAB Gateway. 
  2. From the left navigation pane, select the Virtual Terminal icon (to expand the section.) 
  3. Select One-Time Payment
  4. Transaction type should be pre-selected to Sales. Currency type should also be pre-selected to AUD
  5. Enter the payment details. Mandatory fields are mark with a *. They may include:  
    • Order details  
    • Merchant defined fields  
    • Billing information  
    • Shipping information  
    • Payment information  
    • Differential fee - Please note: This is a once off surcharge, enter the total dollar amount of surcharge applied.  
  6. When you’re finished, select Submit to process the payment. 

Please note: Review all the details entered before submitting the transaction. Once you submit the transaction you cannot edit or change any of the transaction details. 

Important information