What is BPAY Batch?

BPAY Batch is an extension of our BPAY service. With BPAY Batch, you can send us an electronic file containing multiple BPAY payments, creating a single debt to your bank account for all payments. It lets you streamline your payment and reconciliation process, saving you time so that you can focus on running your business.

How do I set up the BPAY Batch payment service?

To use the BPAY Batch payment service, you need to be using either NAB Connect or NAB Direct Link. You will also need to have the Financial File Transfer Module and BPAY Batch set up - our business banking specialists can help you with this.

How BPAY Batch works

Once you've been set up, submitting a batch of BPAY Batch payments is simple:

  1. Collect the payment details from your bills, including the BPAY biller code, customer reference number and amount to be paid.
  2. Create a file with all the BPAY payment details.
  3. Send the file to NAB through NAB Connect or NAB Direct Link.

We'll then process your payment and debit your account.

For help creating and validating your BPAY Batch files, use the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offered by BPAY Group. To learn more, visit the BPAY Group Development Portal, opens in new window.

BPAY® Batch user guide

Download the BPAY Batch User Guide Dec 2022 (PDF, 231KB) for an overview of how BPAY Batch operates, including responsibilities and procedures for BPAY Batch payers.

For more information, please visit NAB Connect or NAB Direct Link.

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