Do you have a mobile terminal? Having trouble taking payments? No signal bars on your terminal?

If the trusty ol' 'turn it off and back on again' has not fixed your issue, your problem may be related to your network connection.

Ingenico - How to turn on and off

Verifone - How to turn on and off

Your mobile terminal uses the Telstra 3G network to communicate with NAB when taking payments from customers. If the terminal loses connection to the local Telstra 3G network, you may have issues taking payments. The Telstra Service Status website can help you check if there are any network interruptions or maintenance works in the area where the terminal’s located. Please note the model of terminal that you have.

1. Visit the Telstra Service Status website.

You’ll be redirected from to an external site. We do not accept responsibility for the operation of the website you’re being redirected to.

2. In the search bar, type the postcode or suburb where your EFTPOS terminal is located, and then click the magnifying glass to search. All network interruptions or maintenance works should be listed in the search results.

3. Look for any 3G Mobile events listed in the search results. The start, end dates and times indicates the timeframe of the expected service interruption. Network interruptions or maintenance may prevent you from taking payments.

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