Please familiarise yourself with the following important market standards and disclosure documents.

FMSB Statement of Commitment

The FICC Markets Standards Board (“FMSB”) was established in 2015 as a private sector response to the conduct problems revealed in global wholesale Markets after the global financial crisis. We are a member of FMSB and have signed a Statement of Commitment in relation to Reference Price Transactions.

FMSB Statement of Commitment (PDF, 46 KB)

FX Global Code of Conduct

On 21st December 2017 NAB committed to adopt and comply with the Foreign Exchange Global Code of Conduct when it comes in to effect in May 2018. NAB signed a statement of commitment to the Code which is a set of principles that guides good practice and effective functioning of the wholesale foreign exchange market.

FX Global Code of Conduct (PDF, 251KB)

FX Sales and Trading Practices

This letter outlines how NAB will communicate and transact in relation to the execution of FX transactions, expressions of interest in FX transactions and our management of potential or actual conflicts of interest in our FX-related activities. This letter is for our Wholesale clients only.

FX Sales and Trading Practices (PDF, 1,557KB)

General Disclosure of Sales and Trading Practices

Explains the nature of the trading relationship between wholesale customers and the NAB Markets business and discloses our practices in relation to certain terms of dealing with NAB where NAB acts as a dealer or counterparty on a principle basis.

Markets Wholesale Disclosure Letter July 2018 (PDF, 69KB)

UK Money Markets Code

On 8th January 2018 NAB London signed a statement of commitment to adhere to the principles of the UK Money Markets Code (‘the Code’). The Code was developed to promote the integrity and effective functioning of the UK Money Markets and is intended to promote an open, fair, effective and transparent market.

UK Money Markets Code (PDF, 243KB)

Global Precious Metals Code

NAB became a full member of the LBMA on 17th July 2017. On 3rd May 2018, NAB signed a statement of commitment to the Code, which sets out the standards and best practice expected from participants in the global Over the Counter (OTC) wholesale market for Precious Metals.

Statement of Commitment (PDF, 202KB)

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