$6 billion by 2029 to help more Australians access affordable and specialist housing.

Alliance member of the Constellation Project.  NAB is committed to contributing housing market expertise to tackle a long-term social issue.

Helping finance more affordable and specialised housing

Many Australians in need lack access to suitable accommodation. That’s why we’re using our understanding of the housing market and financing expertise to help build more affordable homes and housing for specialised needs.

This sector of the housing spectrum is wide; spanning government and community housing accommodation through to mixed housing and commercial build-to-rent projects. As a bank, we focus on the areas we can most effectively support with financing solutions. We’re also working to improve the capacity and financial maturity of the affordable and specialist housing sector to attract further investment. This includes opening new financing options for not-for-profit groups and other organisations that provide:

NAB has also committed to the Sustainable Reporting Standard for Social Housing (UK), opens in new window to create transparency and leverage private capital pools.

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