Ranked as the number one Australian bank for global renewables transactions

Over $12 bn in renewable energy project finance globally since 2003

The energy transition needs funding support

As a bank, we understand our role in supporting environmental wellbeing and the transition to a more sustainable future.

We support Corporate and Institutional customers to fund renewable energy projects and have committed more than $12 billion globally in renewable energy project finance since 2003. We’ve provided more than $70 billion in environmental finance. This includes $40.7bn to support green infrastructure, capital markets and asset finance.

NAB’s clean energy project finance professionals are based in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States. We work with businesses committed to clean energy – creating financing solutions for innovative projects, from development to construction, that make good business sense.

Our skilled bankers around the globe can deliver the products, markets and risk and social impact expertise that support customers to move forward with clean energy projects in Australia and abroad.

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