How we can help

We can help if you’re having difficulty keeping up with your home loan payments. The type of assistance we offer will depend on your circumstances, as described below. It’s important that you get in touch as soon as you can, so that we can quickly find the best option for you.

You can call us on 1800 701 599.

Talk to a financial counsellor

If you're feeling overwhelmed with financial decisions, a financial counsellor can help you put a plan in place. Financial counsellors are qualified professionals who provide free, independent, and confidential information and advice to people in financial difficulty. Visit the, opens in new window or call 1800 007 007. The helpline is open Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 4:30pm (AEST/AEDT).

What happens if you miss a payment

Please contact us as soon as you know that you can’t make a payment, or if you’re having financial difficulties. We may also reach out to you if we see signs that you’re beginning to struggle. The earlier you speak with us, the more options you may have. If you miss a payment, we’ll remind you by SMS, email, letter or phone. If the missed payment is just an oversight, you can pay the overdue amount and you’ll be back on track. If not, please contact us so we can discuss options that might help.

Options that may be available to you

We can work with you to see if any of the options below suit your circumstances. When you contact us, we may ask you for information about your current financial situation. 

Accessing available funds

If you’re ahead of your home loan repayments or paying more than the minimum amount, you may be able to modify your payments using the NAB app. You can also use your offset transaction account or redraw facility to get access to additional money. Learn more about changing repayments and accessing available funds.

Temporary reduced payment arrangement

Even if you can’t make your full repayment, it’s best to keep making smaller ones if possible. We may discuss the option of a reduced payment arrangement on your home loan.  Typically, a payment arrangement will be for one to six months. When we speak to you, we’ll discuss what this means for your situation.

It’s in your best interest to keep up some payments, even at lower amounts, because it reduces your debt in the long run. Contact us so we can work together to find a payment arrangement that may be right for you.  

Temporary payment break

If you won’t be able to make a home loan repayment for a few months, we may discuss a temporary payment break for you. Usually a payment break will be for up to three months. When you call, we’ll ask questions about your financial circumstances so that we can work out a plan together to resume repayments. When we speak to you, we'll also discuss how a payment break will affect your situation. 

What you need to know about a payment arrangement or break

You need to be aware that arrears and interest continue to grow when you take a payment break or have a payment arrangement, so these options might not be suitable for you. Also, it may mean that you won’t be able to make an online redraw, however you may be able to redraw if you contact us directly and it’s appropriate for your situation.

Restructuring your home loan

If you have a credit card or personal loan with NAB, we can discuss restructuring your debt to make it more manageable for you. We'll ask you for information about your situation, to see whether a restructure may be possible and if so, whether you’d benefit from consolidating your NAB debts. If this is an option you're interested in, we’ll need you to undergo a full credit assessment which will include you completing a loan application. This allows us to carry out checks to ensure the restructure is suitable for your needs and that you meet our lending criteria.

Selling your property is a last resort

Selling your property is the last resort. We’ll work with you to explore every possible option first, if that is your preference. However, sometimes it may be in your best interests to sell your property and hold on to as much of its value as possible. If you decide to sell, then we can help you find a property agent, or assist with rent to help you relocate. 

If we haven’t found a solution or heard from you

If you fall behind in your payments and we cannot contact you, or if we can’t find a solution that works for both you and NAB, steps may be taken to sell your property to cover the debt. Learn more about the process of repossession and selling of your property.

If you are not happy with the support being provided you can  provide feedback or make a complaint to the Australian Financial Compliants Authority.

Having trouble making your repayments?

Complete an assistance request and we'll get in touch.

Common questions about your credit report

  • No. You can talk to us about difficulties with your home loan repayments any time, and this won’t be recorded in your credit history or credit score.

    Learn more about credit reporting and your credit history.

  • Your credit file is updated each month to reflect your repayment history information. This shows your repayment history on your loan and can be used by credit providers to assess any loan applications you make in the future. We provide this information on a monthly basis to the credit reporting bodies we work with Equifax Australia Information Services and Solutions Pty Limited, Experian Australia and illion.

  • If we provide you with hardship relief and you have a payment arrangement like reduced repayments or a payment break, we won’t report any repayment history information while the arrangement is in place.

  • When the arrangement ends, we’ll start reporting your repayment history information again. When the reporting resumes, we will report any payments that you’ve missed and haven’t caught up.

  • You can check your credit file with the credit reporting bodies we work with:

    For more information about credit reporting, visit the Australian Government’s Credit Smart, opens in new window website.

    Find out more  about ​Your credit report: access, corrections and complaints

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