Common transactions explained

The information below describes some of the common transaction narratives that may appear in your transaction history within NAB Internet Banking. 

Note: These descriptions are provided for guidance only and do not replace references in the terms and conditions for your account, product or service.

Narrative Descriptions
ATM direct charge fee (displayed as FEES DIR CHG OTH ATM)

Refers to the fee directly charged to your NAB account by a non-NAB ATM owner, for a balance enquiry or withdrawal at a non-NAB branded ATM.


Automatic drawing

Refers to a debit made to your NAB account under a Direct Debit agreement between you and a biller. This can be scheduled for a specific date or cycle when the biller will automatically debit funds from your NAB account for a payment.


Credit card cash advance

Refers to each amount of cash supplied by the use of the credit card account. Cash transactions include cash advances via the ATM or in-branch withdrawals (domestic and overseas). It also includes cash substitute transactions, for example the payment of utility bills over the counter at banks, another financial institution or post office, purchase of traveller's cheques or value loaded in a pre-paid or stored-value card. A cash advance is also made when you have used the NAB Internet or NAB Telephone Banking to transfer available credit from your NAB Credit Card account to another account.


Credit card payment

Refers to funds which have been credited to your NAB credit card account.


Credit card purchase

Refers to each amount charged for any goods or services purchased (domestic or overseas) by the use of your NAB Credit Card, including BPAY® transactions.


Eftpos debit purchase-flexipay or Miscellaneous debit eftpos trans value

Refers to purchases made via an EFTPOS machine. This includes purchases of goods and services and also any cash withdrawals that were made at the time of the purchase.


Family allowance

Refers to credits made from a government agency (such as Centrelink) to provide family support.


Fees account fees

Refers to a fee charged to your NAB Credit Card or NAB account in accordance with the terms and conditions of the account.


Fees duplicate stmnt fee

Refers to a fee charged to your nominated NAB account when you request a statement re-print/re-order.


Inter-bank credit - Interbank credit

Refers to credits to your NAB account from another persons account either at NAB or another financial institution via NAB Internet Banking.


Interest charged

For NAB Credit Card accounts, this narrative refers to the amount of interest charged on funds owing on eligible purchases and cash advances.
For loan accounts or transaction accounts, this refers to the amount of interest charged on the debit balances.


Internet transfer – Transfer debit internet transfer

Refers to a transaction which has been debited from your NAB account via NAB Internet Banking. This can be to another NAB account or to another financial institution.


Overlimit fee

A fee charged to your NAB Credit Card account on the day during any statement period when the balance of the account exceeds the credit limit during that statement period.


Payment authorisation

Refers to a recent payment made to your NAB Credit Card account.


Purchase authorisation

Refers to a recent purchase made on your NAB Credit Card. When a purchase is placed on to the credit card, the system sends an approval to the bank and a hold is placed on the amount of funds required to complete the transaction. This will reduce the amount of credit available on your account. Once the merchant has completely processed the transaction, the purchase authorisation will be removed and the correct description, merchant name and final transaction amount will appear on all electronic banking systems and on any future credit card statements.



This refers to a withdrawal of funds from your loan account (personal or home loan). Funds will be available for redraw if additional payments have been made to the loan or if you are ahead of your scheduled payment.


Reference fee (displayed as FEES REFERENCE FEE)

A fee charged to your NAB account when a debit (eg purchase, withdrawal or direct debit) results in the account being overdrawn or remains overdrawn and subsequent customer initiated debits are paid.
Note: From 1 October 2009, NAB customers will not be charged a reference fee if they overdraw their personal transaction and savings accounts.



This refers to credits made to your NAB account from your employer. The salary narrative is decided by the depositor (therefore can sometimes appear as wages).


Stop payment fee

A fee charged to your NAB account when a request is made for the bank to stop the payment of a cheque or series of cheques to be drawn from your account.


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