What is a NAB ID?

Your NAB ID is a unique number given to you when you become a NAB customer. NAB IDs are also known as NINs (NAB Identification Numbers). It’s a unique number that is different to any of your NAB BSB, account or card numbers. 

If you use internet banking, you’ll need your NAB ID and password to log in, making your online banking safe and secure. Using your NAB ID online also means you can apply for future accounts faster. Your information will be populated already, so the account will be linked to your current ones straight away.

How to find your NAB ID

There are 3 ways for you to find your NAB ID:

  1. We send it to you via email and SMS when you first become a customer.
  2. On the back of your credit card or debit card, above the magnetic strip. Some NAB cards don’t have a NAB ID on the back, for example if you’re a secondary credit card holder.
  3. In the NAB app once you've registered for internet banking. This option is only available for personal profiles (not business ones) and in the NAB app, not in the desktop version of internet banking. 

Finding your NAB ID in the NAB app

If you have already registered:

  • Login to the app
  • Click on More and then the Profile option
  • Click on My Details and you’ll be able to see your NAB ID

Why do I have more than one NAB ID?

There are several reasons that you might have more than one NAB ID. Every customer has their own individual NAB ID, which you can use to access accounts and cards in your name, update your personal details and much more. 

Business customers

If you have a business profile or have internet banking access to a business, partnerships or social clubs you will receive an additional NAB ID. This will be given to you in person by your business banker or over the counter at a branch.

It will give you internet banking access according to the limitations set up by your banker. This is different from if you have third-party access set up on your individual NAB ID to view your business accounts.

Keep in mind, if you have a business debit or credit card under your name, you’ll only be able to access the card controls through your personal internet banking. Business NAB IDs also cannot be found in the NAB app.

Broker customers

If you have a NAB loan that was applied through a broker and existing accounts that are separate from the broker introduced accounts, you may have two NAB IDs. In some cases, these two profiles can be merged. If you would like to find out if your profiles can be merged, you can contact us.

Joint accounts

If you have a joint account, you can’t share your NAB ID with the other account holders. All account holders will receive their own NAB ID to register and access internet banking.

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